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Autumn Brewing Co.


Autumn Brewing Co. FAQs


What makes Autumn Brewing Co. beers and lagers different from other gluten-free beers?

Autumn Brewing Co. beers and lagers are brewed using only the best quality, naturally gluten-free brewing malts and grains to ensure a great tasting drink suitable for people with the most sensitive intolerance to gluten.

There are only a handful of gluten-free beers and lagers currently available in the UK which are brewed using naturally gluten-free grains. The majority of breweries producing gluten-free beers in the UK use traditional barley and wheat malts, to produce a standard barley beer. The gluten is broken down during the fermentation and conditioning stage, with the addition of enzymes, resulting in gluten levels being below the internationally recognised gluten-free standard of 20 parts per million (ppm).


What ingredients do Autumn Brewing Co. use?

All Autumn Brewing Co. beers and lagers use naturally gluten-free brewing malts and other alternative brewing grains, which enable a wide choice of different beer styles to be produced. The speciality malts range from light pale malts to dark roast malts to give a broad choice of flavours across the ALT BREW range.


How are Autumn Brewing Co.’s beers brewed?

The ALT BREW range is brewed using traditional brewing methods. The naturally gluten-free ingredients go through a mashing process before being separated from the sugary liquid, known as wort. The wort is boiled with hops, fermented and conditioned before finally being bottled.


How can Autumn Brewing Co. be sure its beers are gluten-free?

Autumn Brewing Co. only uses naturally gluten-free grains, including rice, millet and quinoa. No gluten containing ingredients are ever added to the brews. To give extra peace of mind, every batch of beer is tested by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited laboratory, to make sure it is below the recognised gluten-free standard of 20 parts per million (ppm), before being sold.


Where can I buy Autumn Brewing Co. beers?

To find out where our beers are stocked, visit 'The Stockists'.


Gluten-Free FAQs


What do you mean by gluten-free?

The term gluten-free is covered by legislation for the labelling of gluten-free foods under the Gluten Regulation EC 41/2009 which came into full effect on 1st January 2012. The legislation states that only food which contains 20ppm (parts per million) or less can be labelled as gluten-free.


Coeliac Disease & Coeliac UK FAQs


What is Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac (pronounced see-li-ac) is an autoimmune disease caused by a reaction to gluten. It is not, as many people think, a food allergy or intolerance. The disease affects at least one in 100 people, however, only around 24% have been clinically diagnosed.

There is no cure for Coeliac Disease. Those who suffer from the disease should avoid foods and drinks which contain gluten, anything containing barley, wheat, and rye, and follow a gluten-free diet. Gluten reduced beers have been known to cause a reaction in people who are very sensitive to gluten.


Who are Coeliac UK?

Coeliac UK is the oldest and largest coeliac disease charity in the world and has been working for people with coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis since 1968.


What is the Crossed Grain symbol?

Coeliac UK and other Coeliac Societies across Europe, operate the Crossed Grain Symbol certification scheme. It is recognised nationally in the UK and internationally, by people who follow a gluten-free diet. The symbol represents a sign of safety and integrity which is trusted by consumers. Research carried out by Coeliac UK found that 92% of consumers said, what they like best about the Crossed Grain symbol is they can immediately see the brand is safe for them to consume without having to read through the ingredients.

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