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Autumn Brewing Co.

Naturally Gluten-Free

Autumn Brewing Co. is based in the North East of England and is dedicated to producing high quality gluten-free beers and lagers using only the best NATURALLY gluten-free brewing malts and ingredients.

ALT BREW brands offer consumers with a range of premium craft brews from the light and refreshing Bavarian Style Pilsner, the more traditional English Pale Ale to the cocoa and coffee flavours of the Dark Roast Stout.

The brands are positioned to appeal to consumers, whether they observe a gluten-free life style, or whether they are just looking for great beers made from the ALTernative BREWing grains, rice, millet and quinoa.

We are pleased to announce that Autumn Brewing Co. is now part of the Black Storm Brewery family for more information please visit

We promote responsible drinking

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